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Based out of Los Angeles, I am a long time filmmaker with a string of projects under my belt.   I commit and focus on each project with an eye for every detail needed and expects the same from everyone else I work with.


I enjoy challenging material, especially controversial and edgy stories.  I approach everything with a keen sense of truth, no matter what genre the story is labeled.  I don't accept the notion that something has to be comedy or drama. Instead, it has to be truthful.   If you deliver truth, the audience will respond in their way of responding, whether that is laughter or crying, joy or sadness.  I do my best to stay as neutral as possible.  Even if I have a point of view I don't want the audience to know what it is.  Let them discuss the film and how they interpret the material.  I therefore stay out of the way of judging the material, but again just presenting it in a truthful matter.  After all, if what you see and hear isn't believable you quickly suspend your belief and check out. 

I love family and relationship drama.  People are fascinating and we all have great stories to tell.  The goal is telling a story with universal appeal no matter what people you write about or their situation.  There are relatable characteristics across the globe no matter what race, religion, political or social inclination.  It comes down to one thing:  Execution. 


That means I do not make films that promote, condemn, condone any specific social, political or religious message.   I make films about human beings -- individuals ranging from flagrant stereotypes to totally unique original characters dealing with human conditions.  I just have never been a fan of films that preach a certain social, political, or religious point of view, even if I agree with it.  I leave that to others do those type of films.  

In addition to writing and directing features and shorts, I run an acting workshop/class in Los Angeles where I direct monthly shorts and acting reel clips for actors, while teaching actors how to be believable and excel in auditions.  This experience taught me so much about becoming a better filmmaker, working with actors and making them better to deliver more convincing performances that resulted in better films.


I recently completed and sold a feature film I directed called LOVE KILLS, scheduled to be released in May/June of 2024.  View the trailer here.  I am currently working on another film called THE DAY GOD DIED, which is currently in pre-production.


Join me in my journey in creating masterful art and unique films that will last forever, as we and engage, entertain and educate.

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