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Examples of graphic sex in films/TV shows (from website of all celebrity/Hollywood film nudity/sex scenes)

HBO's Euphoria clips:

Euphoria Clip 1

Euphoria clip 2

"Little Children" with Kate WInslet

"Orphan" with Gemma Arterton


Character background and vision for the film regarding the simulated sex/nudity scenes and the way I work.


You can also follow the progress of the film on Instagram

NOTE: Milo and Brianna have been cast.  Lia, which is the LEAD OF THE FILM is still open until I find the right person.

NOTE: The movie will be based on a true story/stories.




Generally I write scripts based on the people I am casting, so it's a process that happens simultaneously (casting and writing). It creates real characters and stories since they perfectly fit with the people that are playing the parts.  Obviously the main story remains the same, but all the nuances of the characters will be influenced by who are playing the roles.


So Lia’s background is that she exclusively dated guys and in love with Milo, but when she begins to have feelings and attraction toward Brianna, she and Lia are initially confused and don't know what to do, as they has never done anything like that before. So what I like to see happen is a slow start between them.  Almost reluctant before they even cross the line of just kissing.  Then it gets more passionate, sexual, and finally to total comfort and full blown love/lust.  Essentially that relationship replaces hers with Milo and we need to see the parallels manifested in the film.


There is a lot of darkness, but hope too.  However, in the end they all fall prey to infidelity.  What I am showing is that Lia can have an amazing relationship with Milo, but then weeks later be totally infatuated with Brianna leaving you torn between the two.  One is a deep love with Milo and the other is a raging chemically induced episode of lust and love.  She then has to pick, but doesn't know how to.

Brianna is an aspiring singer/song writer.  Milo is an aspiring photographer.  Lia isn't sure what she wants to do, until she falls in love with Brianna and makes it her mission to make Brianna's dream come true.  This all comes to an end once Milo discovers their relationship.  Havoc commences!


This is similar to Requiem for a Dream, (trailer link) but instead of drugs, it is relationships that go from hope to demise.


See picture on the left of character beginning and ending:



First, the vast majority of the film revolves around building relationship, plot and characters that you CARE about.  The nudity/sexual scenes act like special effects that are there to enhance the story.


Second, I rarely do nudity and sex scenes in my work, and I need to be as comfortable as the actor, but my approach is the same with the foregoing as it is with anything else in the film.  It MUST be believable no matter how we fake it.


So, it’s graphic, but not porno-graphic, and obviously simulated (except the make-out scenes, which should never be faked anyway).  There is a simple reason for that.  I hate films where they show people having sex at home underneath the covers, because that is so rare in real life and I find it distracting. If you are going to show people having sex, show it (without being porno-graphic) or don’t show it at all. 


The difference between graphic and porno-graphic is that porno-graphic they show actual sex in every detail (penetration, close ups of private areas etc), then the bad writing/acting doesn't help.  With graphic sex you just make the audience believe you are having sex, using protective guards etc to make sure every actor is safe and comfortable.  Then with proper lighting and camera work it will look stylish/artful, but at the same time fool the audience into thinking it's happening for real.  To me it's no difference than having an authentic looking murder.  It has to look real so the audience believes it.


There are way too many films that have graphic sex scenes to mention.  Monster’s Ball with Halle Berry that she won the Oscar for or Charlize Theron in"Monster" which she also won the Oscar for.  You can google both those movies for their sex scenes and nudity and also check some of the link clips on the left above.

Also HBO’s show Euphoria, it’s graphic, but you never see actual sex.  At the end we need to be able to show the film in theaters.


It all comes down to execution of the shots, lighting etc and the actors being totally comfortable.  All private parts will be covered by protective guards, but there are a few topless scenes.  I could go on for several pages, but check this link:


It’s from of a scene between Gemma Arterton and Adèle Exarchopoulos to see some of what I had in mind regarding the Lia/Brianna relationship during their softer intimacy scenes.  


I make films with layers and complicated people that are in your face — funny, heartbreaking, arousing, sad, dark, hopeful, edgy.



Once I have decided on a cast, we will rehearse not only the script and make any changes for the better, but also discuss the nudity/sex scenes, assuming you have agreed and comfortable to the vision I have, in terms of graphic scenes.   We can rehearse all of the sexual scenes fully clothed, maybe try different things to see what works best.  However, whatever we decide on has to be open to some wiggle room when we get to the actual sets in case whatever we rehearsed doesn't work.   Trust me, things can change once you are on set with what you had in mind and sometimes just doesn't work.  I'm a perfectionist, so we need to get as close to perfect as possible.  In the end I want YOU to look amazing as an actor so the film looks amazing!!

The set will be a CLOSED SET.  Only the actors and I will be there during those scenes.

But I do want the actors to try different things and have room for some spontaneity so it doesn't look too staged, wooden and rehearsed.  The audience should think it's a hidden camera into their relationships.

Remember what we see on set is very different from what the camera sees.  It comes down to angles etc.  Actors will have protective guards.  Some scenes can be lingerie/underwear, but not all (although you always wear protective guard).  Once we've seen some something graphic we don't need to show it 10 times more.  A few times is enough.  I have one graphic opening scene Lia and Milo pretty much like this scene in Euphoria.  Then it's mostly Lia and Brianna who start slowly and then becomes more intense and more graphic.  Like Atomic Blonde.  

MILO:  The only so-called front nudity scene is with Milo, BUT he does NOT show his private parts, as they are tucked in between his legs.  It's scene a PLAYFUL scene where Milo takes a shower while Lia puts on make-up and he tucks his private parts in and shows it to her pretending to be a woman. It's supposed to be a cute scene, not sexual.  There will be haze used to fake steam and it's not a close up.  Obviously there will be a towel there to cover yourself in between takes.  But it's an important scene because I need to show the closeness, comfort, and playfulness between Lia and Milo.  Like real authentic couple stuff. 


There is also a simulated sex scene between Lia and Milo in the opening of the film, as described above, but again you both would wear a protective guard.  We are NEVER going to see your bottom private parts exposed, but the sex scenes should LOOK and FEEL like actual sex, not cheated.  


Hope that helps, but if this isn’t something you are comfortable with I totally understand, just let me know and I can remove you from your role.  I just want to make a REAL, RAW and AUTHENTIC film that SHOWS relationships the way they are, not the way they are sanitized or censored in most movies. 

I know this is a super micro budget film and the monetary aspect is not what you deserve, but the value of a great film will compensate you many times over.  You WILL be amazed what I am going to accomplish with this.

Last, I cannot stress how rare and hard it is for an actor to star in a film where it requires a very challenging arc.  Make sure you make the right decision, opportunities don't come very often. Remember even when you look bad or embarrassing in a movie, you still look great. 


If you have questions let me know.


See Max's, who plays Milo's first audition before any directions and notes here



Lia hasn't had much purpose in life and she spends most of her energy on Milo, her long-time boyfriend.  They plan to marry one day.  She loves Milo and he makes her feel great, make her laugh.

She works from home doing her own little business trying to get it off the ground (type of business will depend on the actor playing Lia), while Milo pursues a photography career.

When Milo leaves to San Diego to go take care of his little sister while his mom is away, Lia and Brianna grow closer until they begin to have feelings for each other.  That obviously complicates things as she is confused that she feels love for another woman for the first time.  At first nothing happens between them until one day where they first kiss.  Lia decides to come clean with Milo in a voice-to-text message, but last second, changes her mind and deletes the message.  Instead, she and Brianna begin an affair, that starts out normal, like any other affair, but quickly escalates into trying out all kinds of things that new couples try out in the beginning of their relationship.  At one point they invite another girl in.  This story line is juxtaposed against Milo's story with his little sister's babysitter who has developed feelings for him, but he stays loyal to Lia, even though she isn't loyal to him (he doesn't know this, -- yet).  So on one hand we have a crazy lust filled affair between Brianna and Lia and on the other hand we have Milo being tempted with young Samantha (babysitter) but stays loyal.

Eventually Milo returns and Lia and Brianna has to now tame and stifle their affair since he is now home.  Things don't go as planned and Milo eventually catches Lia and Brianna in the act.  Now things turn for the dark, as Milo plans to get rid of the obstacle in the way.  

Meanwhile, Lia has promised to marry Brianna so she can stay in the US, but when Milo returns she has mixed feelings as she sees in Milo what she always saw, someone that she loves.  Trying to decide between Milo and Brianna isn't easy.

Lia is the LEAD in the film.  It requires a STRONG female actor that can carry it, and be vulnerable, strong, funny, angry, seductive, crazy, and show the emotional depth os this complicated story and character.


Brianna comes from foster homes, travelled a lot, got emancipated at 18 when she met Cashmeer, an older guy who took her under his wings and groomed her for his life in the underworld.  He takes care of her and loves her in whatever way he thinks is best.  

Brianna pursues her art (could be singing, dancing, painting or whatever is best suited for the actor), while she has her expenses paid for by Cashmeer.  But she is getting tired of the obligatory weekly sex with him, and the errands he makes her do to fulfill his lifestyle.  When she begins to slack, Cashmeer, confronts her in a violent way, after she moved into Lia and Milo's apartment as their roommate.  Lia comes to her defense and for the first time she sees someone other than the other backstabbing girls that works for Cashmeer finally coming to her aide.  This breaks the normal "hello/goodbye" roommate relationship between the girls while Milo is away, and it eventually turns romantic; then to crazy sexual escapades, until Milo returns and it all ends with him concocting a plan to get rid of Brianna, the obstacle between Lia and him.  Life sadly doesn't end well for Brianna.



Milo should be funny, sweet, and just an overall good guy.  His eyes shows vulnerability and his heart total commitment to the one he loves.


He is trying to break into the world of photography.  He works for a no-nonsense guy that makes Milo stay on his toes.  His dad recently left his mother and we she is having a hard time dealing with it she calls him to come home and spend time with her and his little sister.

He has been in a long-time relationship with his love, Lia, and they are as strong as any couple.  That is until Milo leaves and Lia falls for their new roommate, Brianna.  However, Milo is totally unaware of this as Lia keeps him out of the keep while she pursues her new lustful escapades.

While Milo is away visiting his mother, he meets his younger sister's tutor, Samantha.  A lovely innocent but beautiful 20 year-old girl who begins to hang with Milo and starts to have feelings for him.  Milo might share the same feelings but his love for Lia is too strong to break, so he ends up breaking young Samantha's heart.

When Milo returns home to Lia, he notices her being a bit distant and standoffish which he doesn't understand because his feelings are the same as when he left.  This all becomes clear when he catches Lia and Brianna secretly making out.  He decides not to confront Lia, but instead conducts a plan to get rid of the obstacle standing in the way of him and Lia, and the only way he can think of is -- murder.

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