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Acting Class

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I run a small exclusive acting class every Saturday of the month, in addition to one-day acting workshops where we film clips for actors to use for their reel.

Film Work
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Writers tend to overwrite stories assuming audiences are less sophisticated than they really are.  Minimize the expositions and let dialogue be natural.

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To live truthfully in the imaginary world

Art should imitate life.  You only truly suspend your disbelief if what you see is truthful.  No artificial performance will substitute a genuine one.

Acting Class
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Every month we shoot scenes for actors to build their acting reel while also getting IMDB credits.  This helps speed up the actor's professional resume, which can sometimes take years to build IMDB credits and getting footage to show agents and getting prioity on most of the casting sites, which goes to acotrs with reels.

In Development



Music can create an emotional enhancement to a scene.  Even no music has an effect.  It is all about placement and style.  Learn more about my music.

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Question:  What days are your monthly class and workshops?

Answer:  Currently we have our monthly class every Saturday from 2pm until 4 or 5pm (depending on attendance).  The one-day workshop is held once or twice per month on a Saturday from 11am-2pm.

Question:  What is the difference between your acting workshop and your monthly class?

Answer:  The difference between the one-day workshop and the monthly class is the workshop is one day for 3 hours and you get a short 30-60 second clip, compared to the regular class where the scenes are longer and more extensive, in addition to the weekly class where you learn to improve your acting skills.

Question: When do I get my scene from the workshop?

Answer:  Within a week, but a lot of times within 1-3 days.

Question: When do I get my scene from the regular acting class?

Answer:  Within 2 weeks, but a lot of times within a week.

Question: What format is the video I get?

Answer:  All videos I do are widescreen, i.e. vertical (traditional movie format), meaning they are best suited for YouTube, FaceBook, Acting Casting sites, Instagram posts/Reels, but will look narrow on Instagram Stories.  If you hold your phone horizontally it will fill up the whole screen, but if you hold it vertically is will look smaller and much narrower.

Question: How do I join the regular monthly class?

Answer:  You have to have gone to a workshop first and then if we have space in the regular class you can join.  If there isn't any space you can pay a small deposit to book a spot until it becomes available.  In addition, you have to qualify as a good fit for our ongoing monthly class, which is by invitation only.

Question: Do you allow minors (anyone under 18 years old) in your workshop or regular class?

Answer:  Minors from 7 years old to 17 years old are welcome provided a parent or guardian is present during the workshop and/or class.   I sometimes have all-kids workshops in addition to a monthly regular all-kids acting class.

Question:  Where can I see some examples of what you shoot?

Answer: Here are samples from the one-day workshop.  Here are samples from the regular monthly class.    You can see still shots below from both workshop and regular class.

Question:  Can I get the raw footage after you film my scene or copies of all the takes that were done?

Answer: Unfortunately, I do not give out any raw footage and each workshop attendee gets one completed edited scene, not multiple versions.

Question:  Can I use my own script?

Answer: Unfortunately not; prior to arriving at the workshop you are given the options of 5 different scripts to choose from.   As actors you are rarely, if ever, given the option to choose your own script (unless you write and direct your own project), in addition, actors should use the opportunity with any script they are given to make it the best possible performance.

Question: How much is the regular monthly class?

Answer: $250

Question: How much is one-day workshop?

Answer: $100

To book a one-day workshop, click here.

Question: How is your demo reel service compared other services?

Answer: I encourage you to check out other acting demo reel services in Los Angeles to compare price and/or quality.  Here is a list of some of the places offering demo reels:










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