The Crazy Club (Short)

An 80s homage about a small group of hustlers trying to make it big and get out from under the gutter in this lighthearted short film..

Simple Lives (TV Series)

A vast variety of Los Angeles residents collide in this interweaving story of sex, drugs and dreams.

Darkness (Feature film)

A group of people with deep dark secrets are transported into total darkness and must rely on each other to survive while trying to figure out why they are there.

Last Days (Feature film)

In the distant future, a group of survivors battle the elements of scarcity, until they find out about a hidden paradise that will replenish them forever.

The 12 Tribes (Feature film/Graphic Novel)

After a war over access to immortality, the ancient rulers of the world are transported to the present time to save a self-destructing world..

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